Google Pro
      Commercial job I made in 2014 for Uzik Paris for there client Google, they ask me to go in the street taking picture of proximity commercial business ''casting sauvage documentary style'' I had 10-15 minute for each shooting (that fast! and stress full) .That was not easy to get a yess from people and taking picture in the place during business hours and client around!. Photography are intend to be used in a promotional brochure to explain what is google for pro and why they should subscribe.
Seller in a newspaper stand 10th district
Cobbler in the 18th district
Toys stores in the 10th district
Owner of a small grocery store in the 10th district
locksmith owner in the 10th district
Florist in Belleville
Florist in Belleville
Seller porcelain shop, 10th district
This one are not in the project, but take during the trip in paris , he is the guy hire me at Uzik

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