Commissioned Work For AXA insurance company
This is a very special commissioned work for AXA insurance company , i been hired by W&CIE a publicity agency in Paris for making 4 shooting ( 2 in Montreal, 1 in Paris and 1 in Mexico city ). W&CIE trusted me for making the shooting by my own, in my style , i go in the street with my assistant and shoot total stranger (all model received nice monetary compensation ). This project with AXA are an extension of my  personal art project «stranger project» started in 2007. Its special in the way the project are conducted and in the liberty W&CIE give me. All shooting are under natural light
Special thank :
Olivier Dureau DA at W&CIE for trusted me
Anne-Marie Richard for his love and assistance
Darcya Fortin for assistance
Alexandre Dostie for assistance
Camille Guerrier Art buyer At W&CIE

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