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bestfriend photography at Orphanage

This is a small project that was not planned. I made these photographs in Guatemala in an ONG orphanage in the jungle of Rio Dulce. I wanted to photograph children with their best friend; failing parents, our best friend is often a refuge against the outside world. I wanted to do a project that moved away from the stereotype of the poor and sad orphans. I photographed the children and then asked them two little questions. This has not imparted any interesting information. But it reveals nevertheless, that basic friendship is something very pure and simple in the heart of children.

First question Q1: How long you know you
Second question Q2: Why are you a bestfriend

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Felix 4 years old and Eric 6 years old
Q1:They have known for 4 years
Q2: Because they are a brothers
Yulma 8 years and Fernanda 7 years
Q1:: They have known for ten years
Q2: They have many secret together
Silvia 15 years and Sandra14 years
Q1 : They have known for 1 year
Q2: They like to
Selvin 11 years and Leti 10 years
Q1: They have known for 10 days now
Q2:They find each other fine
Heidi 10 years and Élio 12 years
Q1: They have known for 3 years now
Q2:They play together
Franklin 14 years and Byron 17 years
Q1: They have known for 3 years
Q2: Because They feel connected
Tito 10 years and Andreas 10 years
Q1: They have known for 5 years
Q2:They like to plays together
Eddy 9 years and David 9 years
Q1:They have known  for a long time
Q2:Because they have confidence each other
Franklin 14 years and Tipson 11 years
Q1:They have known for 1 year
Q2: They play together
Erika 9 years and Gloria 7 years
Q1:They meet each other when they are very young
Q2:They like to play together
Marcos 10 years and Nelson 11 years
Q1:They have known for 10 years
Q2:They like to play football together
Jeymi 9 years and Dilcia 9 years
Q1: They have known 1 years ago
Q2: They are bestfriend because they are a long noses
Maria-Teresa 10 years and Juakuin 13 years
Q1:They have known for 1 year
Q2:They love to share and each other respect
Marie-Alexandra 5 years and Jessica 5 years
Q1:They meet each other Friday (4 days ago)
Q2:Because they love each other
Extra and Making-off
All these image is also prints for sale and i give 50% of profit to the orphans:
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and thanx to my two fabulous assistant for this 1 day shooting :
Anne-Marie Richard and Batist Ribat

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