Portrait Of India

he offer me weed, i offer my chillum and that is the Safi i use, every dot is a chillum session,
I backpack for 3 month in india in 2019, it was my first travel there, and was a little anxious to not reproduce photography done 100x time in india full of orientalism and bringing westerner gaze there, i ask myself how i can reduce that impact my photo? and as a game, a experimentation , walking in the street with my camera and the big flash , dont asking to anyone to pose for me but waiting to been ask, removing a part of myself of the equation for the choosing of model base on my jugement.also I sit 2 week smoking chillum in tent with guru in veranasi taking picture only when asked. It remove the annoying feeling that you need to take photo of everything because all is new to my eye, giving more space to enjoy the now 

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